directed by  Mirko Pincelli

“A dramatic story,  
leading through the topics of love
and estrangement”.

The Habit of Beauty” tells the story of Elena (Francesca Neri) and Ernesto (Vincenzo Amato), a couple bitterly torn apart by the tragic death of their son Carlo, who find a new lease for life when they meet a troubled English boy, Ian (Nico Mirallegro), who becomes their surrogate son.

Three years after the accident, tortured fashion photographer Ernesto discovers he has a terminal illness and attempts to reconnect with his successful gallery owner and ex-wife, Elena. He has one last request: to hold a final showcase of his photography work – before it’s too late. Unaware of his ill-health, Elena agrees and is introduced to Ian – Ernesto’s latest protege who, as a council estate hoodie, doesn’t quite fit in with the photographer’s assistant profile.

As time goes by the family somehow recreates itself with Ernesto and Elena realising that helping Ian out of his troubled life, is the only way to get through their immense grief.

As the opening night of the exhibition arrives, with a mighty crowd of fans and press anxiously waiting for him, Ernesto is nowhere to be seen. Elena realises he has gone back to Italy for the first time since the death of their child. The Italian Alps becomes the only place where both can feel at home again as their connection changes Ian’s life – and their own.