directed by  Paolo Franchi

Closing on fifty, Francesca is the only daughter of Manfredi, a famous architect, and she is been living in bourgeois Paris with her husband Benoit, a protective and introvert 60-years old financial expert, and their teenage daughter.

From Paris Francesca is moving back to her native Turin, Italy, to work, on behalf of her father, on the project of a lakeside villa that needs to be restored. She starts to cooperate with Massimo, a highly trusted collaborator at the architecture studio founded by Manfredi, a self-centred man fully dedicated to his job, who seeks independence and autonomy also in regards to his relationship whit his partner, Sandra.

In synch with the progress of the restructuring work on the house, there is a progression of

complicity between the twosome which infuses new vitality into the somewhat unresolved and anxious lives of Francesca and Massimo… could it be possible to build a new life?


A movie focused upon human natures and actors.
An autumnalness atmosphere,
a linear and naturalistic storytelling.
Reconciled and not obsessed.
A traditional movie, that doesn’t mean impersonal,
in the widest sense of this.
Paolo Franchi